Best Kaftaji recipe 2021

How to make recipe Kaftaji

Al-Kaftaji Tunisian, We offer you from the facefoot kitchen how to make recipe Kafteji Tunisian make it and Serve it as a special and quick dish on the table


250 grams of alloush liver
8 – green pepper
4 – potatoes
250 g red pumpkin
1 bunch chopped parsley
4 – eggs
1 tablespoon turmeric coffee
black pepper
5 – tomatoes
1 tablespoon of Tunisian ketchup
3 cloves of garlic

How to make best Kaftaji recipe:

Step 1:
Preparing the liver Cut the liver into small and equal pieces

Step 2:
Add salt, black pepper and turmeric to the liver and mix it well

Step 3:
Put a little oil in a frying pan, add the liver and cook well

Step 4:
Remove the liver from the pan and leave it aside

Step 5:
Preparing the vegetables Cut the potatoes, squash and pepper into equal pieces, each one separately

Step 6:
Fry the vegetables and add them to the liver


Step 7:
Fry the eggs and add them to the ingredients

Step 8:
In a bowl, put a little oil, chopped tomatoes, Tunisian harissa, spherical garlic, black pepper and salt. Leave the mixture on a low heat, then add it to the other ingredients

Step 9:
Mix the ingredients

Step 10
Put the kaftaji in a serving dish and add a little parsley and onions on top
Healer advice
Grilled meat pellets and lemon slices can be added to the kaftaji

How to make recipe Kaftaji

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