Best croissant recipe quickly

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How to prepare a Best croissant recipe quickly:


3.5 cup of flour
Outstanding great yeast
Small hanging baking powder
2 tablespoons of sugar
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons of Durra oil
Pinch of salt
Egg / vanilla
3/4 cup warm milk /
1/2 cup warm water

Best croissant recipe quickly

Step 1:
Put the yeast with sugar with the half of a cup of warm water, a spoonful of flour and leave for ten minutes until the size doubles

Step 2:
The dry ingredients are placed in the perineum and mixed, then the yeast is added after doubling its size, then we go down with butter, oil, then the egg and vanilla …. mix the mixture

Step 3:
Then we add the milk gradually until a soft dough is formed that is easy to form
We continue kneading for another quarter of an hour, then put the dough in his urine in a warm place, after an hour until its size doubles

Step 4:
We roll out the dough and divide it into 16 pieces (in the shape of a triangle) as shown in the pictures and roll it from the ground to the surface, and it is possible to stuff it with chocolate or cheese


Step 5:
We put it on a tray with a sheet of butter …
And leave to ferment again for a quarter of an hour (a very important step) …..
Then brush the face with an egg yolk and two tablespoons of milk and bake at a temperature of 200 for 40 minutes until it takes on a golden color.

fresh sweet croissants on ceramic plate
croissant recipe

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