Best lemon drink with mint and ginger

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Who among us is unaware of the benefits of lemon in providing vitamin “C” to the body, this natural ingredient that gives energy and vitality, which can be mixed with ginger and mint to boost immunity in light of our war against corona.
Facefoot Online introduces how to prepare a lemon mint and ginger drink


3 slices of lemon
3 slices of ginger
1 liter of water
3 – sprigs of mint

How to prepare a lemon drink with mint and ginger:

Step 1:
Boil the amount of water in a jug

Step 2:
Add the ginger and mint and leave the jug aside for 5 to 15 minutes


Step 3
Add the lemon to the soaked ingredients and leave the jug for at least 5 minutes before serving the lemon mint and ginger drink

Lemon drink with mint and ginger is a natural and healthy drink that can be consumed 3 times a week, and for those who do not want to taste mint, lemon juice can be prepared with ginger.

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Best lemon drink

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