How to make best chocolate sauce

chocolate drink near chocolate bar

How to make chocolate sauce to decorate cake and sweets?


Cocoa: 10 tablespoons
Milk powder: 3 tablespoons
Butter: 50 grams
Caster sugar: 4 tablespoons
Water: half a cup.

How to make chocolate sauce

Step 1:
Mix cocoa and milk in a plate

Step 2:
Add sugar and mix again

Step 3:
Add the water gradually, while stirring

Step 4:
Melt the butter in a water bath, then add the mixture of chocolate powder, sugar and milk to the butter.


Step 5:
Stir the mixture and leave it on the water bath until it melts and becomes smooth creamy.

Step 6:
Use the sauce to decorate cakes and desserts, as you can keep it in the refrigerator until it cools.

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