How to make best kamounia recipe

kamounia recipe

We offer you from the facefoot kitchen how to make recipe kamounya make it and Serve it as a special and quick dish on the table


500 g lamb
500 g lamb liver
Cup of oil
an onion
A pinch of chopped garlic
Spoon tomato paste
Half a tablespoon eat red pepper Almarhi
A pinch of black pepper and salt
Spoon and spherical
1 teaspoon latency

How to make recipe kamounia

Step 1:
Chop the meat and liver into small pieces, as well as onions, into small pieces.

Step 2:
Then put in the pot with the addition of oil, tomatoes, chopped garlic, and fry on the fire when the onions are browned, add red and black pepper, salt, spices and spherical.

Step 3:
After frying, add water and simmer for 13 minutes.


Step 4:
After it is cooked, add the cumin for two minutes.

kamounia recipe
kamounia recipe

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