Best mojito recipe


Meet the original mojito recipe, a refreshing, healthy and cheerful drink under the sun with lemon flavor and fresh mint.

Some opinions indicate that the name mojito derives from the Spanish word mojado, which means wet thing, and from it the word mojhadito is derived as a miniaturization.

The Cuban capital, Havana, is the original home of the Mojito drink, and the origin of the drink goes back to the Indian tribes or the indigenous people of South America, where they used local remedy recipes to treat tropical diseases

Some historians also assert that African slaves who worked on Cuban sugar plantations during the nineteenth century were instrumental in the history of the development of mojito, as sugar cane juice was a popular drink among these slaves.


3 lemons without peel
4 fresh mint leaves
Little water
soda water
ice Cube
Lemon slices
Mint leaves to garnish

Meet the original mojito recipe step by step:

Best mojito recipe:

step 1:
Mix lemon, mint and soda water at The mixer

round piece of ripe juicy lemon

step 2:
Add sugar, water, and ice and continue mixing.

step 3:
Filter the mixture

step 4:
Add ice cubes and garnish with lemon slices. Serve mojito

Original mojito recipe
Original mojito recipe


You can add strawberry, apple or banana slices to your liking.

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