Best Recipe Turkish bread

Recipe Turkish simit bread

We offer you from the facefoot kitchen how to make recipe Turkish bread make it and Serve it as a special and quick dish on the table.
Best recipe Turkish bread:


Two cups of milk
Two cups of warm water
Less than 2 cups of oil
3 tablespoons of sugar
A tablespoon of bread yeast
the salt
Flour according to the need of the dough

For greasing:
Half a cup of molasses tea
A cup of tea of ​​water
Roasted sesame

Recipe Turkish simit bread

Step 1:
Gradually mix all the ingredients and add the flour

Step 2:
We make a soft, light dough that does not stick to the hands.

Step 3:
Cover and wait for it to ferment at room temperature.


Step 4:
We form the sourdough with flour as shown in the picture, brush it from above and add sesame.

Step 5:
Place the bread on a tray with cooking paper on it, let it rest for half an hour

Step 6:
Put it in the oven on a medium temperature until it acquires a wonderful golden color.

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